Monthly Archives: April 2013

Sophie – a web SQL shell

Download v.0.2

If you can exploit a flaw to upload files to an executable directory in an IIS environment, there are plenty of web shells around (some of which may be trojaned but that’s another issue) to give you an interactive command prompt via your browser. If the application makes use of a MS-SQL database, the same flaw can be used to upload Sophie, a “web SQL shell”, giving you access to the database via your browser as well: Continue reading

William – WPA/WPA2 4-way handshake extraction script

Download v.0.1

If you’ve ever tested Aircrack against a packet capture containing a handshake from a network whose WPA/WPA2 passphrase is known, you may have sometimes frowned at the “Passphrase not in dictionary” message. One possibility for this is noted on the (excellent) Aircrack website – Essentially Aircrack hasn’t parsed the handshake from the capture correctly because there is too much “noise”. If Aircrack picks packets from different 4-way handshake exchanges then the passphrase will not be found, even if it’s in the dictionary. A tool called “wpaclean” (which is included in Backtrack) tidies up four-way handshake captures but, in my experiments, it didn’t always work so I wrote an alternative clean-up script, called William, that gives you more control. Continue reading