About Me

As a kid, I got into computers when my dad purchased a BBC Micro Model B with 32K of RAM. I witnessed exciting developments such as going from tape to a 5¼-inch disk and a new human interface device called a “mouse”. I taught myself BASIC and my biggest program was Tetris – written from scratch – it even had a 2-player mode! Over time, school got harder, the BBC was superseded and the pub beckoned so I lost touch. When I sat in front of a computer in my year-out job before university it seemed alien.

Several years later, chance played a part (as she often does) in what I laughingly call my career. In 2001, I happened to be working as a non-techie alongside some techies and I gradually fell back into IT and its security. I took a Masters in Computing Science to solidify my knowledge and have been learning ever since. I currently work as a penetration tester for NCC Group. In my previous jobs I have done various roles from system administration to incident response tests. More recently I authored/co-authored and taught several well-respected practical courses on infrastructure, application and wireless security.

Twitter @exploresecurity

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed on this site represent my own and not necessarily those of my employer.